The FPGA Videogame Console


This is about the point where the game crashes without WRAM present.

Metroid doesn't work too hot either without WRAM present. The little sprites that zip around the letters just get stuck in the middle of the screen the whole time.

Finally, 4 weeks later, I found the bug in my DRAM unit! I had mis-typed some stuff on one of the muxers, so PRG bus was running into the CHR input. Whoops. After fixing that, CHR worked great! A Boy and His Blob was the first game I ran with CHR ROM. It uses MMC1 also (since at this point I couldn't switch between mappers).


Trouble on Blobolonia!

Someone requested a pic of Ninja Gaiden running, so here it is.

And more of the same.

I finally got WRAM working properly, so now MMC1+WRAM is going. Zelda 2 uses CHR ROM and WRAM. It works great on the console now.

This always cracked me up for some reason.

Now that WRAM works, Metroid works. I have to try out my favourite code.

Doot Doot Doooooot. Playin' Metroid!

And now my favourite "puzzle" type NES game: Boulderdash! This game is MMC1 with PRG ROM and CHR ROM.

World 1 in-game screen.

Continuing with the MMC1 testing... someone asked me to run Bionic Commando to see if it worked. And here it is.

The graphics are pretty nice on this screen I think.

Just kinda sucks that you can't jump!

Now it's time for a new mapper: Mapper 11- the Colourdreams mapper. I tried out the largest size game the mapper handles. 128K PRG, 128K CHR. This is Sunday Funday.


If you see any plumbers, steer clear! They will only try to slow you down! I noticed that the plumbers look suspiciously like Luigi.. Oh yeah, and they throw toilet bowl brushes at you!

Fish Fall! This is a fairly fun little game, I like it alot. Fun to play through in one sitting.


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