The FPGA Videogame Console


Now that sprites are being fetched properly, MMC2 works good. This is good ol' Punch Out!

Yeppers, in-game looks perfecto.

Micromachines. There are only two games with graphics glitches and this is one of them. They do some insane stuff with the PPU relating to sprites on here. I got it around 95% but I just can't get that last 5%. It's very irritating, too. I dunno what exactly is different about my PPU that it does not like. The title screen looks perfect now, though.

This looks good too (normally hosed).

This is also good (normally hosed).

And this has a slight problem. That light blue line shouldn't be on the screen there. It has something to do with a mid-scanline PPU write or something. The top scanline of "The Breakfast Bends" is cut off too due to the switching going on.

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