Prototype #2

This prototype will be the final perf-board and wire version before a I spin an actual PC board. It is the same board as Proto #1, however I have modified it.

Proto #2 Work In Progress

So far, I have removed all the old user interface stuff, and have started to add on the new button/LED/Digi-Knob board as well as the third and final PIC to control the user interface and the rest of the low-level hardware stuff. Also in place now is the FPGA which will replace all the "glue" logic on the board. I will add a display connector when my Jameco order gets here.

Prototype User Interface

This is the prototype user interface which has the Digi-Knob, the 6 pushbuttons and the 6 LEDs. The buttons and LEDs will be located under the VFD display and be used as soft buttons on the finished device. This board is just for convenient testing and development before I get the real deal.

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