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This is my Intellivision multicart. Not only is it an all-in-one multicart, but it also includes such fun snacks as an Intellivoice, is switchless (more on that in a bit), and the whole works is designed to fit inside an Intellivoice cartridge casing. Sorry about the cameraflash, I tried to angle it in such a way to reduce this, but that big fat ground plane wasn't having any of it. The two empty sockets hold EPROMs, but thanks to the Great ROM Shortage of 1999, those are missing since I needed them in another project.

On the above board:
The two GI chips at the top are from the Intellivoice, and have been removed from same and installed on the board.
All those assorted parts and volume control mounted on the ground plane are the audio circuits normally present in an Intellivoice.
Below the GI chips are 4 EPROMs. The one directly below is a 256K one, and it holds the upper 2 bits for every game (since the games are 10 bits each, this holds the "excess"). The two empy sockets hold 2 1Mbyte EPROMs for the remainder of the bits, and the little one on the left is the bank control EPROM which does the address decoding.
To the left of the little EPROM is the wired-in game select dip switch that is currently serving as the form of game select since menu software hasn't been written. Yes, the cart can be switched under software control; it just isn't... yet.
And finally, at the very bottom is the 2K RAM chip to emulate the ram present in some games.

This is the back side of the board, where all the fun surface-mount stuff lives.

At the top is all the audio electronics, including an LM324 and LM358 for the active filter thingy for the Intellivoice.
The chips off to the left near the cart edge are the signal decoding (read, write, etc) and address line latching.
The wired-in dipswitch can be seen a bit better on this view. The empty places for the chips to take the place of the switch can't be seen because of the wires.

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