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The SIDMan 2 uses the same PCB and case as the previous SIDMan, however I have updated the processor from a 16F877 to an 18F452. It now runs at 38.18MHz instead of 26.6MHz. There's also a crapload more program memory space so I don't feel so squeezed. I have added a bunch more to the code.

Electronically, the SIDMan hasn't changed a whole lot. All I did was swap out the crystal and change the processor. All the other changes happened to the code. I basically re-wrote everything and I increased compatibility greatly. It runs all tunes I can throw at it now, including those which use invalid opcodes, CIA writes, Compute! mono and stereo tunes (Samples coming sometime).

New Additions

PIC18F452 replacement. Max 40MHz, 32Kbytes of flash ROM, 1.5K byte of RAM, 256 bytes of EEPROM memory.
The Digi is now being run off another timer interrupt which greatly reduced the complexity of the code and sped things up.
Full Compute! tune support... both mono AND stereo.
Note viewer that shows the note and octave of each channel along with digi information.
CPU usage indicator.
Supports viewing of the SID+PIC pictures(!) on the LCD.
All crashing behavior has been fixed. The unit seems to be bug-free (cross fingers!)
Nifty fractal artwork. :-)

Register Viewer in action

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