ML-1 PCB's

The Circuit Boards

The boards in here aren't that special, other than 4 of them are fully potted... which is going to make life difficult. This is of course the intention. I am not quite sure how long it will take to de-pot them all and reverse engineer them.

Here's the 4 unpotted and 4 potted cards. The top 4 are in plastic shells, with potting compound poured in from the top, up to the level of the edge fingers. From left to right, the unpotted boards are: Serial Board, FIFO Board, Buffer Board, and the Analog Board.

Closeup of one of the potted bastards.

And the ends of all 4 potted boards. There are a few interesting things of note. There's some RTV silicone (the white stuff) which I found is covering 1N4148 glass diodes. I assume they had some breakage or something, which led them to the RTV solution. Also, on some of the boards, the epoxy didn't fully cover the bottom side (not really visible). This will make life a tiny bit easier.

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