A stack of bisks.

Installing software.

Please insert disk #2.

File copy error!

The burning plastic put off so much light, the camera closed down a couple stops.

After all that smoke and flame, the top bisks protected the ones in the middle.

AOL wouldn't be happy about this.

Removing the evidence.

A rubber-coated mouseball.

Can I burn the coating off and make the steel ball glow red?

Gotta get this rubber burned off first.

The steel ball is getting hot now!

The final victim of the night.

Ready to destroy a CD! Note that it is glowing a dull red.

The CD was set on top of the ball, which melted out the hole in the middle.

Heating the ball back up.. notice the ball-sized hole in the CD.

Now, the CD!

Burn it!

Toasted AOL CD, anyone?

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