I was curious about how strong the laquered surface of a CDR disk was. Apparently, they aren't too durable. I managed to "peel" one without breaking the laquer/reflective/dye layer "sheet". Once I had started peeling it, when the sheet contacted the disk, various morie' patterns were produced due to the interference patterns caused by the spiral guide track.

A score line was made around the inner and outer portions of the disk since the "sheet" is firmly attached at both points. The sheet was then peeled off. Static electricity holds the two surfaces together very tightly.

The back side of the sheet. It's pretty darn shiny once it's removed. The Memorex logo can be seen "dented" into the sheet, along with "CD-R". Interestingly, the partially burned data can be seen as a faint "fuzzy" path on the disk.

The sheet clinging for dear life via static electricity. It was quite tough to remove in one piece. The text written on the CD was "COASTER".

The two halves.

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