Clean your air filter!

Aha, looks like we have a little problem to take care of, here!

Damn that's alot of dust in there.

Gonna have to bust out the vacuum! (What? you don't have a vacuum? Damn, go to goodwill and pick one up!)

Throw that filter in the bath tub, add some hot water, and some bleach. Notice the crap that is coming out of the filter. That's good!

Shit, it's dirty in there too! Gotta get the hose out for the vacuum to clean that.

Meanwhile, our filter should be drying. Make sure most of the water and crap is outta there.

OK, step 2. We need to get inside that air conditioner thingy to clean the shit and mold out of the drip pan.

There's the drip pan. Clean it out!

Down in there. Clean that.

Don't forget how those metal pipes and things came off! We don't wanna breathe carbon monoxide and stuff.

huh-huh. PIPE! huh. huh-huh.

There. All back together!

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