Oh shit! It's a mouse!

Oh shit. There's a rodent in the house! Guess I need some of these.

The hook thing is held down with a staple... gotta pull that out or else it won't work.

There. Now it might work.

OK, we need some bait. Mice liking cheese is just a shitty stereotype. They'd rather have crunched peanut.

Damn, it's like Fort Knox getting into this thing.

Choosey rodents choose Jif!

Dig one of these off the floor to spread the rodentiabait(tm).

That's some of the master's bate, earm, bait.

Oh yeah, put that wire thing over and hook it down and all that or else you'll just trap dust.

Place them around where you saw rodents... with the bait close to a wall or else it won't work worth shit.

And then the second one.
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