How to Make SOS

...until you hear a POP!!!

Put that shit on a baking sheet or something that won't burn.

Twist that knob thing to "350". Don't fuck it up now!

When the light thingus stops flashamagating, throw 'em in.

Now turn the coil thing on "low" to warm that crap up.

OK, the shingles are almost done. Turn the heat up high on the shit.

The shit's done now. Yummy.

Using a glove thinger so you don't burn your finners, take the shingles out.

Get 2 shingles ready.

Be a bun splitter! Open 'em up!

Liberally spread the shit onto the shingles with a trowl action.

W00t. Enjoy the nice taste of shit on a shingle! Goes great with home made sodapop.

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