AVE PCBs and Mappers

American Video Entertainment made a bunch of games for the NES console, though alot of them were just US re-released of 3rd party titles made by obscure Taiwanese companies. They used discrete logic mappers, and had a couple "Nina" lockout defeater chips which appear to be nothing more than programmed microcontrollers.

The Boards and mappers:

NINA-001 - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR, 8K WRAM, Discrete logic mapper.
NINA-03 - Max. 32K PRG, 32K CHR, Discrete logic mapper.
MB-91 A - Max. 32K PRG, 32K CHR, Early rev of NINA-03.
NINA-06 - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR, Discrete logic mapper, most common.
MB-91 H - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR, Early rev of NINA-06.
D-1012 - Max. 1Mbyte PRG, 1Mbyte CHR, Maxi-15.

I need the following carts:
Ultimate League Soccer
Walley Bear and the No Gang
I'm willing to pay a reasonable sum for any or all of these games.

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