The Aladdin Deck Enhancer

Unit board and cart boards

Tech Specs:

CCU_V2.00 Mapper


This is the infamous Aladdin Deck Enhancer. It's nothing more than a regular old Camerica cart without the ROM. The 8K of CHR RAM, lockout defeat, and all that are here like on any other Camerica cart. The difference is the ROMs are on little carts that plug into the "Enhancer". It obviously doesn't enhance anything... just marketing hype. What it *would* have allowed for though, would've been much cheaper cartridges since you only have to sell the ROM and none of the other stuff. Like most other carts they made, mirroring is hardwired.

There are two types of cartridges- ALGN V-1 for the "Normal" games, and ALGQ V1-1 for the "Quattro" games. ALG seems to mean "Aladdin Game", the next letter is the type (N or Q), and V1-1 is the revision. The Aladdin unit's PCB itself is marked "ALE V1.1" most likely for Aladdin Enhancer.

The mapper seems to just be a mix of the BF9093 and BF9096. The two upper address lines from the game ROM goes to a different set of pins depending on wether it's a normal or quattro game.

These games can thus be dumped and run using either the BF9093 setup or the BF9096 setup.

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