Colordreams/Wisdom Tree/AGCI/Bunch Games PCBs and Mappers

Colordreams. Synonymous with shit. This company released more stinkers than anyone else. More horrible games haven't been seen since Mythicon (Horrible, horrible Atari 2600 "game" maker). Now, there ARE some games that I like by them, but the vast majority is crap crap crap!

Anyways... ONE good thing is every single cart uses the same mapper, which happens to be very simple. There are a couple different boards, however, and their main difference is in the lockout defeat hardware as well as possible ROM sizes. Colordreams stuck with the "REV A" board for the most part, until the switchover to Wisdom Tree. I'm still trying to figure out where exactly American Game Carts Inc. (AGCI) fits into this. Their board is nearly identical to the "Rev B" cart, and uses an identical circuit.

I dunno what is up with "Bunch Games". These were made by Colordreams and packed in the same baby blue carts with the same REV A boards.

The Boards: (in chronological order)

Revision A - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR ROM. (Colordreams)
Revision B - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR ROM. (CD/WT)
47516 - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR ROM. (AGCI)
50282 - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR ROM. special D0 stuff. (AGCI)
Revision C - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR ROM. (CD/WT)
196 - Max. 128K PRG, 128K CHR ROM. (Wisdom Tree)
BC6 - Max. 128K PRG, 128K CHR ROM. (Wisdom Tree)

I need the following carts:
Moon Ranger (bunch games)
Challenge of the Dragon (CD)
Chiller (AGCI)
I'm willing to pay a reasonable sum for any or all of these games.

There's just one mapper for all of these:

It's a 74LS377 octal latch.  Writing anywhere in the 8000-FFFF range will write to the
latch.  Note that there ARE bus conflicts.  Mirroring is hardwired on the cart.

7       0

P: Select a 32K PRG ROM bank
C: Select an 8K CHR ROM bank

L: Lockout defeat usage (see the lockout page for more info)

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