Tengen PCBs and Mappers

Tengen sure was busy. They released a sizable collection of games, but they can be hard to find, at least the later titles since Nintendo really put the clamps on them. Tengen did some underhanded business to gain the secrets to the infamous "lockout chip", and started making "pirate" chips for their games. The RAMBO-1 chip (see board 800037 for an example) has the mapper and lockout chip integrated into a single piece of silicon. I'm still missing a couple cartridges, so there may be a board or two that is missing.

The Boards and mappers:

800002 - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR, MIMIC-1.
800003 - Max. 32K PRG, 8K CHR.
800004 - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR, 4-screen mirroring, MIMIC-1.
800008 - Max. 64K PRG, 64K CHR, 74LS161.
800030 - Max. 128K PRG, 64K CHR, MIMIC-1.
800032 - Max. 128K PRG, 128K CHR, RAMBO-1.
800037 - Max. 128K PRG, 128K CHR, RAMBO-1.

I have all Tengen games now.

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