My work area, where this stuff comes together.
The Computer-o-Doom(tm).
Apartment View #1.
Apartment View #2.
Fountain in Winter.
Gazebo in Winter.
Yours Truly.
My clear blue PSX!
The white LED on the PSX.
65536 bits of core memory.
A 32*24 bit diode ROM
Gamegear Proto cart. - Top
Gamegear Proto cart. - Bottom
My parts bin. I call this "General Population" and keep all my "prisoners" in it. :-) They are awaiting questioning about all the dead electronics stuff they were removed from.
A closeup of the parts bin. Here, individual prisoners can be seen, loaded in next to their cellmates :-)
Another type of hardware.

New projects in the works!

A LARGE Neon Display - Front
A LARGE Neon Display - Back
The Solar Clock - Top
The Solar Clock - Bottom
Linear RF Amp - Board Closeup
Linear RF Amp - Overview Picture
Sound Box - Front View
Sound Box - Guts

Yes, this doesn't belong here but technically it's multimedia :-)
Crazy DJ Remix I had some fun awhile back with a Korg Trinity and its demo tune. I was not too happy with how the demo tune went so I recorded it and hacked it all up and put it back together. This is the result of that.

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