Rumblestation Mark 2

Rumblestation Front

Rumblestation Back

Back of PCB

Front of PCB

Rumblestation package, back.
Rumblestation package, front.
Rumblestation manual.

What Is It?

This is the true Pirate version of the Rumblestation. The PCB is marked "29-in-1" on it, and is just composed of two gloptops as can be seen in the picture above. One is an "NES on a chip" while the other is a "Multicart on a chip". I think I have figured out what type of multicart it is as well, by looking at the pictures. It is one of those single PRG RAM only with VRAM possibly. More study is needed to find out.

The Games:

29 games do indeed appear on the menu, however many of them are dupes. Here's the REAL lineup:

Bubble Bobble 2
Elevator Action
Super Mario Bros.
Bird Week
Bomber Man
Battle City
Star Force
Lunar Ball
Donkey Kong 3

The Tech:

Not much to see. Just two gloptops. There are 4 little shortable solder pads that can be seen in the lower right hand corner of the board picture. Shorting them out does not do a thing... The pads are connected up to the multicart gloptop, so I guess this multi does not do the multiple # of games thing like others I've seen. (i.e. shorting the jumpers out in different patterns would make the menu show a different # of games)

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