Atari 5200 Jr. Console

It's just about finished!

Here's my little slide show of how the case was finished off.

First, I bondo'd up some of the holes and cavities in the case that were not required. Before this, I drilled small holes to help the bondo "grab", so it will not fall out or come detached from the case. These holes can be seen in the place where the metal band was, and where the label was on the bottom.

Then, the bondo was applied to the places where I had drilled. It is impossible to put this stuff on in a fine application since it's thick, and it hardnens as soon as it is mixed up... you have around 2-3 minutes to apply it.

Next, a sander is used to knock those ugly bumps off the bondo.

Here's the finished result for the top.

And the bottom.

Here's what the inside of the top looks like where the bondo flowed.

And the bottom.

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