The FPGA Videogame Console


One of the Route 16 levels. At this point, the sound system was pretty much finished, but the DPCM was still buggy. A DPCM hit would crash the CPU!

Another Route 16 level.. The famous "broken glass" graphic as found on the side of boxes.

Level 8 of Lock Smith. Right before I completed the final puzzle to win the game. W00t!

Now that the NES system was working for the most part, it was time to add mappers! Lots of mappers. The first mapper I added was the Codemasters style mapper. This is of course Dizzy.

No one knows what that stupid ass pigmy cow is for. It isn't use anywhere in the game. I suspect it may be for some kind of secret or something, but I dunno.

One of the neat sub-games on Dizzy.

Under water with ze scuba gear and such.

Now it's time to wake his sleepin' ass up with cymbals!

Zak's castle.

I collected all the stars. yeay.

Yah, I knew that.

Gotta go thru alot of ground to get to the castle again.

Bye bye, zaks! Get away from mah beeatch!

That ending screen is a big-ass letdown. Thank you, Codebastards.

Since Codemasters games are the only thing running at this point, I tried out Linus Spacehead and play the hell outta that.

Next, I got MMC1 going. Since at this point only program ROM is working properly through the DRAM, I have to play only CHR RAM games. Megaman 2 is no exception.

I have to play the Bubbleman stage first, of course.

Get equipped with... MMC1.


What fun would MMC1 be without playing Zelda! WRAM didn't work at this point, so Zelda started up and stuff, but it crashes halfway through the intro thingy.


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