Sometimes, a blowtorch can be a whole lotta fun. :-)

Fire! Fire! Burn it, burn it!

A Colecovision Donkey Kong awaiting its fate.

Hungry flames lick at the cartridge label.

Lick, lick, lick.

The burning plastic put off so much light, the camera closed down a couple stops.


The best use of an Atari 2600 Pac-Man.


Burn! Burn!

We stopped at this point due to the HUGE quantities of smoke issuing from the corpse.

This cartridge won't defile another Atari 2600 ever again.

Some AOL & friends bisks being put to appropriate use.

Closeup of the victims.

Arrrrr! Kalla grabs the Torch of Doooooom!

Fuck you, Prodigy!

Be careful not to breathe the smoke.

The quantity of smoke burning floppies emit is unbelievable!

OK, it's pretty well toasted.

Only the stainless steel shutter survived.

MORE Nonsense!

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