How to Make Pizza, Day 2

Here's some of the crap you're gonna need.

Turn the stove on. Twist that knob until the little red dealie-ma-bobber lights, and the pointer thingy says 450.

You'll need this crap too.

Now you'll need some of this stuff, only hot. Don't use cold or the shit won't work right!

Open up the box o' powder and dump it into a container of some sort. Don't spill it all over the place.

Now, get some good herb, earm, herbs. That shit sure looks smokable, don't it! Too bad it's italian herb. Smoking that shit would make ya sick or something.

Dump a bit in on top of the crust mix stuff.

Stir the hell out of that crap to mix it up!

Now, add some hot water to that shit, and mix it up more. Not too much water or else it'll be all shitty.

Pour some of that oil onto your piece of shit pizza pan and spread it around with your finners.

Then, plop the dough onto the pan and spread that shit out. Maybe oil up your hands a bit (oooh, kinky) before working that dough. Don't spread it all the way to the edges, dildo. You'll see why later.

Now, get out your half used sauce thingus, and cut the opposite corner off and squeeze that shit onto the dough, then spread it out.

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Shit, page 2? I thought I was done!!

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