Tech of the Famicombox

This is the cute little controller PCB. It has 3 regular controller sockets on it, a button marked "TEST" (adds a credit when pressed), a 6 position keyswitch, LED, and two pushbuttons. The two pushbuttons and LED are like those found on an NES, but with a green LED instead of a red one.

Back view of the control PCB.

To the right of the controls is a small 3 pin connector for the coin mechanism. There are nice plastic covers over where the coin mech would've gone. (It's a shame that these things are never ever found with the coin mechs).

The cart PCB simply slides down from the top inside two guide rails. It screws down via a big metal bar. Everything in here is so neat and well done.

The main PCB slides right in on similar rails, and mates with the 3 sockets on the cart board. One thing of note is that the edge connectors are angled slightly so that all the pins do not go in at once. This makes it easier to install.

Here's the back panel stuff- a small PCB with alot of I/O, an RF modulator, and a spider.

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